Whatís the weather like and what should I bring for clothes?

-The weather in South Dakota can change very fast from day to day. We advise all vistors to bring a different variety of clothes. Itís best to bring as many different sets as possible, this will provide you with the best chance of enjoying yourself in good and bad weather.

Can we bring our dogs?

-Yes, dogs are welcome. We love to give all dogs a chance to experience hunting. However, at the same time we want the hunt to be enjoyable for everyone.

What kinds of fields will we hunt?

-We hunt numerous types of fields mainly CRP (grass), but we do walk corn, soybean, and milo fields, along with weed patches and sloughs.

Whatís there to do when we are not hunting?

-We have a pool table and large screen TV with a VCR at the lodge along with several other games. Doland is a very friendly community w/ a nice bar & lounge, as well. We have a good supply of clays and a thrower for your use if you desire.

What kind of success can we expect?

- Over the past few years we have been consistently limiting out throughout the season including the month of December.  We have the birds to limit out every day, but the shooting is up to you!

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